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 Health/Damage Information

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PostSubject: Health/Damage Information   Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:11 pm

On OPUA RP there is no distinct health system as you the members will be allowed to use your own personal judgment to determine life or death until unless the staff deem the members of the site no longer unworthy of the privilege, if that were to happen a health system with stricter and more specific numbers will be implemented. Please for the sake of your self and the other members of the site do not abuse this system.

Damage Tiers

No damage: No damage has occurred.

Minimal Damage: Scratches not breaking the Epidermis layer, bumps, bug bites, broken nails, non lethal/dangerous animal/plant stings along with friction burns and grazes. You would barely even notice this damage.

Minor Damage: Scratches/cuts/wounds breaking through the Epidermis layer of skin exposing the Dermis layer and possibly result in possible blood loss, Subcutaneous bruises also fall under this typing. You would notice the damage but the one inflicted should be able to shrug off any damage under this tier and keep on as if nothing happened.

Regular Damage: Cuts/wounds cutting slightly into the Dermis layer of skin, Intradermal bruises and first degree burns. It is most likely possible one would lose some blood from these attacks. You would notice this damage being able to continue on enduring the slight pain as it wouldn’t hinder your actions.

Greater Damage: Deep bruises, contusions cuts/wounds cutting deeply into the Dermis layer of skin and second degree burns. Some blood loss is practically guaranteed from wounds caused from these attacks. You would notice this damage being able to continue on enduring the pain though it will be more than likely that this kind of damage hinder your actions at least a slight bit.

Major Damage: Broken bones, damaged organs, wounds/cuts reaching down to the Subcutaneous fat of the skin and third degree burns. Injuries such as these can guarantee blood loss from wounds caused from these attacks and will seriously hinder mobility and can limit what a person is capable of doing and will possibly scar the one taking damage.

Severe/Permanent Damage: All ‘life threatening’ injuries fall under this category, some examples being cuts/wounds that reach down or through the muscle/bone, internal bleeding, shattered bones and fourth degree burns. Though your character can’t be killed without your permission, be warned that this is the kind of damage that alter your character’s shape or ability such as severed Limbs, loss of organs, Spinal Damage, etc. This kind of damage would be caused by a skill that would cause a one hit knockout.
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Health/Damage Information
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